Garden fencing
Garden fencing
Metal fencing of adjustable length To keep the greenhouse beds neat, Volia offers metal fencing to gardeners! Is it necessary to fix the ground in the greenhouse from four sides? On three sides, the soil is held by the walls in the greenhouse, and on the side of the path, the ground can be secured with a metal fence. When watering, weeding and other household work, the soil will not lose its shape, and you will not waste time, over and over again forming ideal beds. The basic set of fencing is very conveniently adjustable in length from 2 to 2.8 meters. The length of the additional insert is 1.9 m. Easily and simply you can install fences in the greenhouse at the length you need. The height of the fence is 17 cm. The fence is fixed with the help of supports, which are dug into the ground by 25 cm. Metal fences will last much longer than wooden ones. They do not need to be removed for the winter. The edges of the guard are neatly folded and safe to assemble. The dimensions of the packed railing allow it to be transported in a car.

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