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USD 11378.0/шт 11378.0
High-pressure railway tank (boiler, railway tank, vessel) for liquefied gas (LPG) butane propane (perfect for HPS), light oil products, ammonia, liquid fertilizers, UAN: Capacity (m3): 54 Weight (t): 16.540-18.0 Size L (m): 10.65 Size D (m): 2.60 Wall thickness s (mm): 25-32 Price with VAT
USD 1.0/кг 1.0
We offer for sale secondary PVC compound, PL-1, PL-2 (agglomerate, granule) of our own production. We produce raw materials for the production of galoshes, boots, slippers, sanitary pads, car mats, mud flaps, wiper blades, paving slabs, and other molded products and seals of various configurations. Plasticity (stiffness) and other parameters are selected individually for the customer. Let's send a sample for trial! Packing: bag 30kg Best regards to your business.
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Öl und gasausrüstung, Lagertanks, Düngemittel anwendung maschinen & ausrüstungen, Baumaterialien, Chemikalien, Recycelte rohstoffe, Rohstoffe für die industrielle produktion Ukraine, улица Новожановская, 1

The company was founded in 2012 and is a manufacturer and distributor of chemical raw materials, building materials and other goods and services. We look forward to collaborating!

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