Upholstered chair armchair Sonata on a metal frame
Upholstered chair armchair Sonata on a metal frame
Coming to your cafe or nightclub, the guests of the establishment want to relax and have a good rest. This is facilitated not only by the decorative design of the room, but also by its high-quality filling, namely furniture. The Sonata armchair chair should certainly attract your attention, because this piece of furniture looks great and boasts a number of unconditional advantages: The powerful steel frame is of high quality, strength and durability, but its main highlight is the non-standard stable product shape. In appearance, such a structure is rather fragile and sophisticated, but this will not prevent it from serving you for decades without complaints. The soft seat and back are covered with durable soft fabric with a wear-resistant coating. As for its color scheme, it can be very different, at the choice of the consumer. Comfortable armrests are emphasized by stylish wooden elements. Sitting in such an armchair, you can truly relax and enjoy the rest in your favorite institution. Features Chair height (B): 80 cm Chair depth (D): 57 cm Width (W ): 60 cm Warranty period: 12 months

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