Liquid Lipstick - New Well
Liquid Lipstick - Makeover by New Well With New Well, make-up turns into an enjoyable hobby besides emphasizing beauty for women. To apply lipstick is like giving the finishing touch a perfect cake to make it attractive. Lipstick selection is very important in terms of especially its look on the lips and of course the colour tone. If you want quality, professionalism and an attractive look, New Well Makeover Liquid Lipstick is for you. With this dermatologically tested lipstick, which is made of 100% natural ingredients, you can enchant everyone around you. The product offers 8 different colour options, each of which is up to you, assuring a beautiful and perfect image. In addition, this quite permanent lipstick makes you feel good and fit for a long time. How to use: Makeover Liquid Lipstick maintains its fresh appearance as it was first applied and its effect does not deteriorate during the day. Matte series are highly durable and New Well Liquid Lipstick Matte Lipstick brings your lips to the fore and provides high level of covering effect. It creates smooth, flawless, dull, attractive and perfect lips thanks to its long-lasting, light and soft structure.

Liquid Lipstick - New Well - 60151

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