Line for the production of PET brush pile PUM
Small-sized semi-automatic extrusion line EL PETF-15PM, designed for direct processing of recycled PET flakes and making of them monofilament used in the production of synthetic brooms and brush disks of sweeping machines. Key points: Pile profile (in the star section) allows you to save up to 20% of raw materials in the product. Twisting ensures the straightness of the pile. Used raw material - PET flakes. The length of the line is 10 meters. Line weight - 1000 kg. Power consumption - 15 kW. Small amount of technical waste when starting the line. Service staff 1 person, operator - packer. The line consists of individual nodes and is transported to GAZelles. When installing on site, it will be necessary to level the line units and connect the power cable connectors, the last set parameters are saved when the power supply is disconnected. Fast restructuring of parameters for a pile of a different profile and section. Training, consultations, comprehensive assistance are free for our clients. Equipment warranty 1 year. Structural know-how has been implemented in the extrusion line units The complete extrusion line includes: extruder, raw material dryer, cooling system, stabilization unit, 1st broaching unit, twisting unit, unit 2 -th broach, high-speed cutting unit, receiving hopper for monofilament. For processing technical waste, it is additionally equipped with a monofilament crusher. Specifications. Line length: 10 m. Line weight: 1000 kg. Power consumption: 15 kW. Productivity: 15 kg. / h. Monofilament type: oriented (stretched). Monofilament thickness adjustment: from 1.5 to 3.5 mm. Monofilament cutting length adjustment: from 200 to 700 mm. Monofilament cross-section: star, oval.

Line for the production of PET brush pile PUM - 10120

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