Brochure A4
Brochure A4 12 pages incl. cover Colorful 4 + 4 VD-varnish on the cover Chalk. paper 130 g / sq. m (block) Chalk. paper 150 g / sq. m (cover) Advertising brochures, catalogs and magazines - the need for developing and successful companies! When you have something to say to your partners, colleagues and clients, you order the printing of multi-page publications. We offer the production of brochures, catalogs, magazines, annual reports, portfolios, presentations of impeccable print quality and reliability of binding! Multipage printed publications are printed pages bound with a paper clip, spring, glue or thread, united by one theme presentation and purpose. According to the bonding method, multipage printed publications are divided into brochures, spring products, and products with seamless adhesive bonding. By functional purpose, catalogs, magazines, portfolios, presentations, annual reports and other publications are distinguished. Brochures are editions from 4 to 48 pages, held together with a paper clip or thread. Brochures resemble small books or notebooks, and can contain any information of an advertising nature: articles about the history of the company, information about the goods and services offered by the company, images, diagrams, price lists, etc. It is important to understand that the term brochure says more about the binding method than about the functional purpose of the publication. Catalogs are publications that contain a list of goods or services with a brief description. The method of binding the pages in the catalog can be any: a catalog in the form of a brochure (notebook binding), a catalog on a spring and a catalog with adhesive seamless binding. Periodical multi-page publications are called magazines. They, like any publications, can be attached in different ways. However, most often, if the journal contains a large number of pages, KBS is chosen. In addition, KBS, as the most economical of the methods, is best suited for periodicals.

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