Cutting and spreading complex HFS-1800 (1800 * 3000
Hoffman HFS-1800 cutting and spreading complex (1800x3000 mm) HFS series spreading complexes are the equipment necessary in every cutting shop. These complexes can be mounted on the HS-1 cutting table, produced in a modular system that makes it possible to easily and quickly expand the working surface. Thanks to this modern design, you can easily lay the material, and then cut it using circular or vertical cutting knives. The solid construction of metal profiles gives the device not only strength, but also guarantees easy installation and stability during operation. The HFS series spreading machines are so easy to operate that only one operator can work on them. There is a roll on a strong metal shaft and moves on a special carriage along runners mounted on the table structure. With the help of an automatic cut-off ruler, a layer of material is cut off, and a clamping bar installed on the table holds the material. Height is manually adjustable. HFS flooring systems meet the highest safety requirements - special stops prevent the carriage from falling off the table. For multi-module tables HS-1, you can additionally use a suspension system that makes it easier to work with wires leading to the cut-off fence. Maximum roll diameter: 70 cm / Maximum deck height: 20 cm Maximum deck width 1800/2000 Cut-off ruler motor power : 0.12 kW Cutting speed: 0.7 - 1.3 m / sec / Maximum coil weight: 100 kg

Cutting and spreading complex HFS-1800 (1800 * 3000 - 3083

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