Shampoo for oily hair and scalp "Lightness and volume"
Shampoo for oily hair and scalp "Lightness and volume"
Shampoo for oily hair and scalp "Lightness and volume"
Shampoo for oily hair and scalp "Lightness and volume"
Product description
The shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp, providing a refreshing effect and normalizes the sebaceous glands. It is designed for all types of oily hair and does not contain silicones and parabens - the curls retain their freshness and purity for a long time. In the process of application, the water-fat balance of the skin is restored: the hair is light, without a touch of greasy. The shampoo is suitable for both women and men! Rosemary extract eliminates the signs of seborrhea and serves as a reliable prevention of its occurrence. White nettle, burdock and ivy soothe the skin, have an antimicrobial effect - the risk of dandruff is reduced. Key properties: - Thorough cleansing of the scalp and hair - Restoration of the water-fat balance of the scalp - Stimulation of hair growth Active ingredients: Rosemary extract, white nettle extract, pine extract, nasturtium extract, burdock extract, chamomile extract, ivy extract, arnica extract, garlic extract, jojoba oil, provitamin B5 Application ritual: Gently rub the shampoo into the scalp and hair at the roots. Foam. Distribute the foam over the entire length of the hair. Wash off with plenty of water. Proceed to the subsequent conditioning according to the type of hair. Volume: 250 ml. Shelf life: 24 months.
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Shampoo for oily hair and scalp "Lightness and volume" - 78195

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