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Aspro: Maximum is a universal online store designed taking into account the wishes of users, modern trends and technologies for fast loading. It works proactively, solves real business problems, and is ideally displayed on all devices.



Shoppers no longer want to just browse an online store, they need to get emotion. About a product, store or service level. In Aspro: The maximum has been revised every block your customers will encounter. We analyzed hundreds of user requests, studied current trends and applied all this in a new solution.


To build a successful online business will help:

  • Calculation of the cost of delivery in the product card;
  • Mega menu for customization for your audience;
  • Wholesale purchase with one click;
  • Perfect display on all devices;
  • LazyLoad website fast loading technology;
  • Multiregionality.



Start an Internet Business - Launch a Website with a Turnkey Solution! Find new growth points and increase conversion to purchases without coding knowledge. Detailed documentation and technical support specialists will help you complete the basic settings and quickly launch the project.


Actual news of Aspro: Maximum

Update overview - version 1.4.0:

  • Smart SEO - assistant in creating landing pages and setting up SEO texts
  • Ability to share the basket
  • Extended functionality of displaying the first available picture of a trade offer

Update overview - version 1.3.0:


  • Compact home page view on mobile devices
  • Bottom panel and carousel-style breadcrumbs on smartphones for fast movement
  • New visual format "Stories" for user engagement
  • Prediction conditions on smartphones to motivate customers
  • SEO templates on landing pages
  • Display in search by titles of landing pages


Update overview - version 1.2.8

  • Display directory listing for user convenience
  • LazyLoad for individual pages
  • New Cross-Selling Opportunities - Section Compliance
  • Separate logo for a fixed header for a winning look
  • Display sorting separately from filter for quick search




Site loading speed is a significant factor for both visitors and search engine rankings. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load on the phone, 53% of customers will leave the page. This data is provided by Google. In order not to lose customers, site owners have to look for new ways to optimize.

At the heart of Aspro: Maximum is the fast loading technology LazyLoad. It aims to load images and site blocks as they are viewed. At first, only the part that the user sees on the first screen is loaded. And as you scroll through the pages, the rest of the content.

The new technology increases the download speed of the demo version of Aspro: Maximum up to 90 points for mobile and up to 92 points for computers. Data was collected on November 19, 2019 from Reddock hosting using Google PageSpeed Insight. Use this opportunity and stay ahead of the competition!





In 2019, the most common screen resolution is 1920x1080 px (according to statistics from Over the past 7 years, the percentage of such Internet users has grown from 6% to 19%. Therefore, an online store today should look perfect on monitors over 23 inches with high resolution.

All blocks in the Aspro: Maximum solution are enlarged for comfortable viewing on large monitors. At the same time, the ideal display remains on smaller screens: laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Headings, banners, product cards and other elements catch the eye and make information easier to comprehend. Convey the right mood and encourage customers to make a purchase decision!









39% of shoppers are guided by search results, according to Think With Google. This suggests that SEO promotion is a relevant and working tool. Therefore, we have implemented a flexible functionality for auto-generating landing pages - Smart SEO. To create filter landing pages, you don't need to have programming skills or hire additional specialists.

The functionality has already been implemented in Aspro: Maximum since version 1.4.0 and solves business problems. The user documentation and video review will help you to understand the settings in more detail. Just set up your SEO, we thought the rest!



The adaptive version of the site is a new standard for the relationship between the buyer and the seller. A user-friendly website and clear navigation increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates and increase sales. However, today it is not enough just to make a responsive version. All functions of the online store should be accessible without unnecessary movements.



Aspro's solution: Maximum is not just perfect on all devices. It is convenient to use with one finger. Nothing will stop your customers from making a purchase!




Ready configurations - a set of design settings for a specific topic. The structure of the site, combinations of blocks on the main page, the type of sections, products and other settings will help you quickly launch an online store.

The design is carefully thought out by marketers and UX designers. Favorable combination of blocks, their type of display and colorful banners will attract the attention of customers and create the right impression about the company. A ready-made set of content will help you launch your online store even faster!





The product card is the place where the customer makes the final decision. It is important here to focus attention in the right place, confirm the motivation for the purchase, answer all the questions of interest and make the desired action obvious.

In Aspro: Maximum you can customize the product card for any topic. For a clothing and jewelry store, an option with an emphasis on the image in the central part of the screen and the display of basic information on the side is suitable. And for an electronics store - a product card, consisting of three blocks: the image on the left, sales offers and characteristics in the center, highlighted by the purchase area on the right.





Use all the possibilities for your project:

  • Calculation of the cost of delivery in the product card;
  • Choosing a type of card in accordance with the topic;
  • Image format setting: square, vertical or horizontal;
  • The order of displaying blocks - for example, setting the recommended products above the description;
  • Additional tabs with information about the terms of delivery and payment.



Entering the regions is not complete without the delivery of goods. Even at the stage of selection, visitors want to know if the goods will be brought to their city, in what time frame and how much it costs.



The preliminary calculation of shipping costs plays an important role in the online store:

  • Increases customer loyalty. Calculation of the cost of delivery saves them time, because for this you do not need to contact managers to clarify information.
  • Reduces the number of abandoned carts. There are situations when a client chooses a product at an attractive price, but when placing an order he learns about the high cost of delivery. His mind changes and the order remains unfinished.
  • Reduces advertising budget. Retargeting abandoned carts will become more effective - those who change their mind about placing an order due to inappropriate shipping costs will not reach the audience.

In Aspro: The maximum delivery is calculated directly in the product card. Information is taken from connected delivery services and depends on their conditions. You can choose which options to display - pickup, mail or courier. The location of the customer, the payer type and the payment method are taken into account. Shipping costs are displayed both for an individual item and for the entire basket.



Mega-menu is a convenient way to present products and content on the site. Flexible settings allow you to create menus for the interests of each target audience. This guarantees fast navigation for buyers and a profitable presentation of the assortment for the owner.

In Aspro: Maximum, you can customize the menu items in the header individually for each section. Create collections using a filter, lead to the most popular products or popular queries. Additionally, you can turn on the right block. It can have brand logos or flashy banners to grab attention. Choose for yourself what items the menu of your online store will consist of!





Bulk shopping online is different from retail. These are usually fast transactions at personalized prices. Therefore, adding an item to the cart should be extremely convenient and simple.

Aspro: Maximum has a new functionality for adding multiple items by tick. It is available in a tabular form of displaying a list of products and allows you to create an order in a few clicks. Your wholesalers will be able to select all products or select several and then add them in bulk to their shopping cart, comparison or wishlist.





Choose your combinations of blocks, display of sections, products and other elements of the online store. Present the company in your corporate style, adapt + to your tasks and place accents where your project requires it.

At your disposal:

  • 18 custom blocks on the main page;
  • 21 banners to present the benefits on the home page;
  • 29 options for site headers and 8 types of footers;
  • Side menu activation / deactivation separately for each section;
  • 8 design options for catalog sections;
  • Fixed header, footer sticks and header sticks;
  • Setting the color of the site design;
  • Support for Google Fonts.

And this is only a small part of all the possibilities. Check out all the options on our demo version, get access to edit, set your preferences and see how your online store will look like.







Visitors to your online store will see up-to-date information for their city: contacts, catalogs, product balances, banners, prices, promotions and other content. In this case, the geolocation will be determined manually. And if you need to change it, you can use the convenient city selection.



Use all the opportunities for successful promotion:

  • Configure content display for specific regions;
  • Create tags to autocorrect information - for example, city names in headlines or delivery terms in product descriptions;
  • Turn on automatic generation of robots.txt and sitemap files for each region.

Setting up multi-region is easy. It is enough to complete the setup once, and the functionality will work in automatic mode. Each region will have its own SEO-promotion available. Reduce resources for launching an online store in several cities!



Collect the main page according to your preferences - include only the blocks you need, customize their display order and choose the appropriate design. Catch the eye and present your products with bright banners.














Design your homepage in style:

  • Choose a suitable option from 10 templates for the main banner design;
  • Place a banner product for product presentation from the first minutes of visiting an online store;
  • Advertise popular products using 3 different blocks with banner positions: pictures with text on a gray background, only images or images with text;
  • Present the product of the day in a special section;
  • Highlight the product from the best offers - upload a bright image for a large block;
  • Display collections with a selection of seasonal items and more.

The number of options is endless! Place your video on a large banner, tell about promotions and news, share your reviews. Grow your audience and get more leads with the Instagram homepage widget.



Create an unlimited number of landing pages: a selection of seasonal products, special terms for an advertising campaign, or a query in a search engine. Drive advertising traffic to them and save on SEO-promotion.



In Aspro: There are a maximum of three types of landing pages available:

  • Landing pages in the catalog;
  • Landing pages in reviews;
  • Landing pages in search.



Tell more about your online store with thoughtful content sections. Introduce visitors to your employees and attract new ones. Interact with customers via blog and news.

In Aspro: Maximum content sections are included for any tasks:

  • Separate reviews page;
  • Services;
  • Brands;
  • News;
  • Blog;
  • Vacancies;
  • Projects;
  • Useful information about buying, shipping and more.

For those who are present in several regions, it is possible to bind landing pages to a specific city. Visitors to your online store will always see information relevant to them.



All content sections have been redesigned for ease of use. Perfect display and convenient functionality will expand the boundaries of your possibilities. Show experience and competence!



Easy integration with Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics and social networks

It is easy to connect counters of popular analytics systems and pixels of social networks. It is enough to insert the code into a special field. Track statistics and launch social media retargeting in a few clicks.

Yandex.Metrica provides simple tracking of the goals of the web forms "Product on demand", "Ask a question", "Feedback", "Resume", "Order a service" and "Order a call". As well as the goals of the cart, 1-click shopping, fast and complete ordering.

Cross-selling to increase conversions

Set up links in content sections, install similar products and accessories in the catalog. Customize for each product or customize rules for showing cross-sells for specific conditions.

Easy integration with CRM systems

It is easy to integrate an online store with popular CRM systems. Transfer the data of completed web forms to Bitrix24 and Flowlu. Store leads in one place, track your sales funnel and analyze business metrics.

1-click purchase

You can make a purchase anywhere - on the way to work, at the dacha or during training. After all, you can place an order using a quick purchase. To do this, just leave your name and phone number. The online store manager will help with the rest.

Trade offers

Trade offers (SKU) - variations of the same product. For example, a T-shirt can be presented in several colors, and a perfume in volumes. Each trade offer in Aspro: Maximum can have its own unique link. Two types of display are available: on a card with a product in the form of a preview or a table with characteristics.

Sets, kits and gifts



The capabilities of the 1C-Bitrix platform allow you to increase the likelihood of making a purchase and upselling using kits, kits and gifts.

Examples on the demo version of Aspro: Maximum:

  • Set;
  • Set;
  • Presents.

Upselling is a marketing tool that allows you to offer the buyer extensions to the product and increase the average check. For example, in the "Business" edition, you can re-sell headphones and covers by tying them in the product card of your phone.




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