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AVIA Express delivery from China to RF, RB | Cargo from China

Delivery from China to Russia and Belarus.

AVIA Express - express courier delivery from China to Russia, CIS. Delivery from 1 to 3 days. Suitable for samples, documents, electronics, medicine, small shipments from China.
AVIA Express is a fast way of air delivery of goods without minimum weight restrictions.
・ Terms: 1-3 days to Moscow
・ Minimum weight: 0.1kg
・ Cost: from 20 $ / kg ・ Door-to-door delivery
We deliver by plane from China directly to the territory of the Russian Federation, then - to the specified address in all regions and CIS countries, or we ship from the company's warehouse in Moscow (at the client's choice).
▸ ▸ We organize delivery to any city of the Russian Federation, RB - TC "PEK", "CDEK", "Business Lines", etc.

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