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Free address in China | Warehouse in China for self-purchase

Warehouse in China - free address for self-purchase
・ If you bought an item from an online store or a factory in China, but the seller does not ship the item overseas, use the consignee service in China.

🔺 Who is this service for:
• for intermediaries Taobao, 1688 and TMall
• for wholesale buyers and organizers of joint purchases
• owners of online stores, VKontakte groups
• start-up entrepreneurs
• everyone who wants to buy in China on their own / self-purchase /
• for businessmen wishing to collect product samples from Chinese factories

🔺 What do you get:
• address in China, where you can send all your orders for further shipment to you
• notification of the receipt of goods at the warehouse
• visual inspection of the package for damage
• photo or video report of the received cargo
• safety of cargo storage in the warehouse
• the ability to return the defective product back or receive compensation from the supplier
• the ability to order from any Chinese marketplace without regard to whether there is delivery outside of China or not
• free quality control up to 10% of the total batch quantity - upon delivery of the goods by our TC

🔺 Additional features of the Chinese warehouse:
⇒ purchase assistance
⇒ consolidation (goods from several orders are added to one package) - allows you to save on delivery
⇒ photos of the contents of the parcel - to make sure that the order has arrived in full and there are no defects
⇒ favorable delivery to your city

🔺 What you need for this:
• write that you need an address in China ➪ button "Contact seller"
• make purchases in Chinese online stores indicating the address of our warehouse
• put an identification mark on your cargo (client code) - agree with the seller

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