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BRANDS supplier search

Search for suppliers in the markets and showrooms of branded goods in China.
⇢ Why this service is often needed:
many Chinese suppliers do not update their catalogs online or are not represented on online sites, and it is often from them that you can find new items that competitors do not yet have, and it is expensive to come to China every time for this.

🔺 Who is this service for: they usually use it
• entrepreneurs who are at the stage of choosing a niche among branded products
• owners of shops / showrooms from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries who already have suppliers in China or want to find new ones, but do not want to overpay for an independent visit to China
• shop / showroom owners who want to choose an assortment for their store
• large businesses that do not want to waste time on a visit to China, independent search and selection of suppliers
• store owners who want to increase their product line

🔺 What do you get:
• selection and visiting of suppliers according to your profile, in one or several directions; e.g. glasses, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
• collection of direct contacts of suppliers on your subject (15-20 contacts)
• assessment of the quality of finished products
• the possibility of subsequent purchase from the suppliers you like and quality control of the finished product (link Buyer service with a visit to the supplier and link to Brands buyout + check with Vita suppliers)

🔺 Work order:
• Formation of TK / product category, requirements for quality, price, examples with photos, etc. characteristics /
• payment of remuneration for the performance of the service
• preparation of the route of visiting suppliers
• visit of a specialist to perform the service
• transmission to you by email. option of direct contacts of suppliers at your request

📍Service cost - 100 $ / day

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