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INSPECTION of container shipment

Inspection of shipment (loading into a container) - to avoid inconsistencies in products and problems during transportation
・ Fixed cost
・ Due date - from 1 day
・ No allowances for the complexity of the project
・ Selective quality control of goods

🔺 Who is this service for:
• entrepreneurs who previously faced inconsistency in the amount / content of cargo or incurred losses as a result of gross violations of loading rules
• entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in business with China and do not save money at the stage of control of shipment to avoid the risks of damage to cargo, etc.
• business owners who use the Shipment Control service when working with a new factory
• Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian other companies that do not have their own representative in China
• for large and small businesses

🔺 What do you get:
• checking the readiness of the batch for shipment
• selective selection and opening of cardboard boxes in order to check the goods for compliance with its characteristics
• inspection of the assortment of goods and its compliance with the specification, the correctness of the assembly, labeling and packaging
• checking the integrity of the container and the conformity of the container number, fixing weather conditions, the time of container arrival
• independent control of the loading of goods into the container, the correct distribution, fixing the cargo in the container and compliance with the loading rules to avoid problems during the delivery (loading / unloading, transportation and movement, inspection, etc.)
• control of container closure and seal installation
• strict execution of technical specifications
• checking the correctness of the shipping documents (packing list, bill of lading)
• reducing the risk of receiving defective products
• guarantee that the goods will be sent from the factory in strict accordance with the specification and order quantity
• photo / video materials about the inspection process
• summary of the inspector
• report on the passage of shipment control - + $ 30 to the cost of inspection
• an inventory of the remains not loaded into the container, the organization of their delivery to your city, if necessary. Choose a suitable delivery option ⇢
• in case of any discrepancies and problems associated with the goods or the loading process, we will immediately inform you and take a decision on further actions before the goods leave the factory!
• possibility of online control of shipment in real time

🔺 Work order:
⇒ formation of TK / manufacturer's name, contact person, phone number or e-mail, date of shipment, product name, quantity, specification, photos, requirements and wishes for verification /
⇒ analysis of technical specifications by ARESLogistics specialist
⇒ payment of fees for the provision of services
⇒ visit of a specialist to control the shipment
⇒ provision of photo / video materials
⇒ report preparation

🔺 What you need for this:
• write to the manager with the note "Shipment control", and we will contact you to clarify the details
• on the day of the inspection, try to be in touch with the inspector to quickly resolve issues

🔺 Cost of shipment control - 150 $ / day + transportation costs

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