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CONSOLIDATION of cargo in China

Consolidation of cargo in a warehouse in China 📦📦📦

🔺 Why do you need it?
・ For convenience and reducing shipping and packaging costs;
・ For checking before shipping from China;
・ To collect several parcels into one and send as a single cargo.

🔺 Who is this service for:
Usually used by • entrepreneurs who place small orders from different suppliers or at different sites
• entrepreneurs who come to China make their own purchases in the markets from different sellers and deliver all consignments of goods to our warehouse and leave home without waiting for the arrival of all ordered goods
• individuals who make group orders on Chinese sites for themselves
• tourists who shop in the markets and send all their purchases to our warehouse for further collection in a single package

🔺 What do you get:
• notification of the receipt of goods at the warehouse
• collection and storage of consignments of goods from several senders for their subsequent consolidation into one parcel
• checking the packaging for damage
• photo and video report of the received goods
• safety of cargo storage in the warehouse
• the ability to return the defective product back or receive compensation from the supplier
• service of consolidation of cargo at the warehouse - provided free of charge
• free quality control up to 10% of the total batch quantity

🔺 What you need for this:
• specify the address of our warehouse when ordering goods
• put an identification mark on your cargo (client code) - agree on this with the seller

🔺 How does cargo consolidation work:
⇒ the cargo arrives at our warehouse
⇒ it is received, checked and stored until it is combined with other cargo
⇒ when all orders are collected, they are sent to you along the selected route
ARESLogisrics has a well-established consolidation scheme and regularly conducts groupage shipments.

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