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Production control in China

Production control in China
・ For medium and large businesses
・ To identify and eliminate defects at all stages of production
・ To ensure compliance with quality and technical requirements
Output quality control
Conducting operational control at the supplier enterprises
· Carrying out the final inspection of manufactured products by the supplier
Analysis of marriage, determination of the cause of marriage
· Carrying out measures to prevent marriage
In our experience, the presence of a supervisory specialist at the production site reduces the risk of rejects from 15–30% to 0.5–2%.

🔺 Who is this service for: they usually use it
• experienced businessmen working with manufacturers in China who understand the need for quality control even at the production stage, because it is much cheaper to adjust the required parameters of production within the walls of the plant than to file a claim after the perfect delivery of a batch of goods;
• entrepreneurs who previously faced inconsistencies in the quality of goods, non-compliance with the production time, cheapening of raw materials and consumables without approval and incurred financial losses;
• entrepreneurs who establish partnerships with a new manufacturer;
• entrepreneurs who work with a technologically complex product / with products with a large number of specific changes and innovations (by the customer) / when the requirements for product quality are high;
• business owners who have been cooperating with the factory for a long time and practice the introduction of periodic and sudden production control in China. Because many Chinese factories work according to the scheme: the first batches are made at an excellent level, and then - as it turns out.

🔺What do you get:
• careful quality control of your products at all stages of production;
• control of compliance with the terms of production of the order;
• control of the technological process at the plant;
• instrumental measurements of the required product parameters;
• direct communication with the inspector;
• the possibility of primary testing of goods to identify hidden defects;
• the possibility of using your reference sample during the inspection;
• in case of detection of inconsistencies and problems concerning any deviations from the specified quality parameters, we will immediately inform you and take a decision on further actions;
• photo and video materials related to the production process;
• the possibility of online broadcasting from the production line, warehouse and other premises;
• the ability to establish the place of production of the order and make sure that the products are actually manufactured at the factory that you have chosen, and not outsourced the manufacture to a third party (unverified factory or workshop);
• there is a high probability that there will be no similar errors the next time you place an order with the manufacturer;
• the opportunity to make sure in time that the technical specifications are fulfilled correctly at the plant;
• the ability to avoid financial risks, as well as to minimize the time for solving problems and restarting production if problems are identified at an early stage of production.

🔺Procedure of work:
• formation and approval of technical specifications. The TK must be accompanied by instructions for checking the quality of manufactured products, a description of possible defects in the goods, their categories (significant, insignificant, permissible);
• analysis of technical specifications by ARESLogistics specialist;
• payment of remuneration for the provision of the service;
• visit of a specialist to production, to personally verify and record important production parameters and other working moments for the client;
• provision of photo / video materials;
• a brief conclusion of the inspector on the results of the inspection.

📍Cost of production control service: $ 150 + transportation costs

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