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PAY by a friend on 1688, Taobao

How to redeem from Chinese sites for only 𝟙% without a Chinese card?

We will pay for your product for only 𝟙% of its value, without any limit on the amount.
▹ ▹ ▹ E.g .: you place an order for $ 500, we will securely pay for your product for only $ 5

🔺 Who is this service for:
Usually it is used by • entrepreneurs who easily navigate the Chinese trading floors, but do not have cards from Chinese banks;
• those who have a small order and can handle themselves, but only need payment
• those who simply believe that the cost of the buyout service from 3% to 10% is overvalued and can do all the work on their own

🔺 What you need to do for this:
• choose the desired product on the sites 1688 or TaoBao
• negotiate about quality, timing, etc.
• fill your cart with the necessary goods
• use the "Pay by Friend Alipay" feature

🔺 From us you get:
⇒ payment for your order
⇒ address of our warehouse in China, where your cargo will arrive
⇒ acceptance and verification of goods for compliance with the order 10% of the batch volume - subject to the dispatch of the goods by our TC
⇒ protection of your funds until verification and the ability to make a refund
⇒ collection of goods from different sellers in one package
⇒ favorable delivery to your city of our shopping mall

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