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PAYMENT to a supplier in China

Payment to the supplier in China

• for individuals / legal entities;
• payment to the supplier with a 30/70 result guarantee;
• for 1% of the amount;
• payment via Alipay, WeChat, cash, by bank transfer to an account in China or Hong Kong.

🔺 Who is this service for:
• for small, medium, large business with China
• entrepreneurs who independently search for goods, place orders, communicate with sellers on Chinese trading floors, but do not have cards from Chinese banks
• for sellers of branded goods who make purchases through WeChat

🔺 What do you get:
• guarantee of payment to your suppliers
• the ability to service both personal and commercial foreign exchange transactions
• possibility of payment in installments: prepayment, after acceptance and verification of the goods - transfer of the remaining amount
• the ability to pay to Chinese suppliers without issuing a foreign currency account, without the need for currency conversion, without the need to be a participant in foreign economic activity
• the ability to pay your supplier through Alipay, WeChat, cash, by bank transfer to an account in China or Hong Kong
• the ability to protect your funds until the goods are checked
• shortening the time for receiving payment by your supplier after inspection (since money for the goods in this case is transferred from our Chinese account) and, as a result, speeds up the organization of delivery of your cargo
• money transfer to China at the optimal rate with a minimum transfer fee

🔺 Work order:
• processing of your application: amount and procedure of payment, appointment, counterparty, calculation of the amount for transfer
• making payment to your supplier on the agreed terms

🔺 Service cost: 1% of the payment amount

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