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Production for Amazon / Own brand on Amazon - Private Label

Services of ordering and production of goods for Amazon / Own brand on Amazon - Private Label

🔺 Who is this service for:
• for small, medium and large businesses
• entrepreneurs who trade on international platforms
• entrepreneurs who want to enter the world market with their goods and earn stable dollars in dollars
• customers who need to produce quality products under their own brand to stay ahead of competitors with the same product no name
• entrepreneurs who produce goods in their country, but want to move production to China to optimize costs due to the affordable cost of raw materials, low labor costs, and other factors.

🔺 What do you get:
• search for reliable manufacturers in China
• placing an order for the production of a high quality product that meets the requirements for trading on Amazon
• responsibility for the production of an order: from choosing a manufacturer to transporting goods to a retailer's warehouse
• purchase of test samples
• expert verification of samples of the goods you have chosen for trading on Amazon
• quality control at every stage of production
• thorough check of the bulk consignment for compliance with the specified quality requirements - the service INCLUDES verification of 10% of the volume of the consignment
• certification of goods - we will provide all types of certificates for Amazon according to US and European standards
• Consolidation, packaging, labeling and shipping of goods to Amazon warehouses.

🔺 Work order:
• Processing request. The TK must be accompanied by a corporate logo, packaging and instructions in English. Products for Amazon need to be branded for successful sales.
• preliminary assessment of the application and the possibility of fulfilling your request
• prepayment for services - $ 150. In case of your refusal to place an order at the factory, the prepayment is not refundable, but is a reward for the company's employees for the work performed
• search for suppliers (we find 3-5 manufacturers of the selected product)
• negotiating the timing of production, the relevance of prices for the planned volume of the order
• ordering samples for testing, physical acquaintance with the product and making corrections
• selection of a suitable manufacturer, negotiations to clarify details
• inspection of the selected supplier (visit of the manager to the plant / factory / office, negotiations, assessment of the equipment condition, production conditions; photo / video recording of the plant's capacity, product inspection
• sending samples (if necessary) by express mail or other method
• payment of the order, including commissions, and placement in production
• receiving a finished batch at a warehouse in China, checking the integrity and strength of the package, conformity of marking, quantity, absence of defects; testing and scanning of barcodes and QR codes - the service INCLUDES verification of 10% of the volume of the consignment
• sending goods to the Amazon warehouse.

🔺 Service cost:
order amount up to 3000 $ - 300 $
order amount up to 5000 $ - 10%
order amount up to $ 10,000 - 8%
order amount from 10000 $ - individually

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