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Manufacturing in China OEM / ODM

Production of goods under our own brand / Production in China under the order of OEM / ODM

📎 Who is this service for:
• business owners who want to differentiate themselves from competitors and increase profits
• entrepreneurs who want to find factories that already produce goods with similar characteristics and set up production under their own brand without changing the existing product parameters (OEM)
• entrepreneurs who want to get a product that is absolutely unique in design and characteristics and sell it under their own brand (ODM)
• owners of medium and large businesses who need ready-made production lines in order to avoid spending time and money on opening their own factory, searching and training specialists
• entrepreneurs who produce goods in their country, but want to move production to China to optimize costs due to the affordable cost of raw materials, low labor costs, and other factors.
• customers wishing to produce products at a more favorable price in comparison with the available domestic options

🔺 Cost of production services: depends on the type and specifics of the product, batch size and type of production (OEM or ODM). The calculation of the total cost is made after the agreement of the technical specification.
Approximate remuneration scheme (from 2% to 10% of the invoice value of the goods), but not less than $ 150 ⇩:
10% - order amount up to 5000 $
8% - order amount> 5000 $ - 7000 $
7% - order amount> 7000 $
individually - order amount> 7000 $

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