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CHECKING the quality of goods in China

Checking the quality of goods in our warehouse, in the warehouse of your Cargo or supplier.
・ From $ 49 or free - "FREE" tariff
・ 7 days a week, seven days a week
・ Execution time - from 1 day from the date of order
・ No overpayment for the whole day
・ No allowances for the complexity of the project
・ Control over the progress of the inspection from anywhere in the world

🔺EXPRESS - for small consignments without overpayment for the whole day ”$ 49/2 hours + transportation costs; every subsequent hour + $ 10.

🔺STANDART - for medium batch sizes, when an inspector is needed for a period of up to 1 day ”$ 149 / day + transportation costs.

🔺EXTRA - for large quantities of lots with an optimal price for inspection from 2 days »$ 119 / day + transportation costs.

🔺FREE - for any batch sizes - optimal for spot checks »$ 0. When shipped through our shipping company.

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