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Ransom from Chinese sites

Buyout from Chinese sites 1688, Taobao, Tmall

・ In 24 hours
・ With commission from 1%
・ No limitation on min order amount
・ With the protection of your money until you receive and check the goods
with the ability to make a return

🔺 Who is this service for:
Usually it is used by • buyers / intermediaries / business owners who have been working with China for a long time and want to eliminate the risks of cooperation with unscrupulous suppliers.

🔺 What do you get:
⇒ negotiations with a Chinese supplier and clarification of all the details of the transaction
⇒ secure payment for orders within 24 hours
⇒ protection of your funds until verification and the ability to make a refund
⇒ acceptance of goods at our warehouse in China
⇒ checking the quality and quantity of the batch, operability and completeness - the redemption service INCLUDED a check of 10% of the batch volume
⇒ resolving disputes with the seller (for example, if he sent the wrong product or the wrong quantity)
⇒ photo and video report of the received goods
⇒ guaranteed to get what you ordered
⇒ favorable delivery to your city by our shopping mall or any other of your choice. Choose a suitable delivery option

To facilitate communication with Chinese suppliers, we offer you phrases in Chinese that will speed up the process of communication and search for goods

🔺 The cost of the buyback service: from 3% to 10% of the cost of the consignment, but not less than $ 100 ⇩

10% - order amount up to $ 1500
8% - order amount> $ 1500 - $ 3000
6% - order amount> $ 3000 - $ 5000
5% - order amount> $ 5000 - $ 7000
3% - order amount> $ 7000
1% - How to buy goods in China for 1%

🔺 Conditions for ordering:
• The order can be groupage and consist of different commodity items,
ordered from different vendors.

▹ We will accept all orders in the warehouse, check for compliance and collect your goods from different sellers into one package 📦

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