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EXHIBITIONS in China - online

Remote visits to exhibitions
・ On any topic
・ In China, Hong Kong and Macau
・ Saving you time and money

🔺 Who is this service for:
• for businessmen from Russia and the CIS countries interested in finding business partners in China
• for clients who, for one reason or another, cannot go to the exhibition to visit it, as well as for those who are not sure about the advisability of a personal presence at the exhibition
• for entrepreneurs who do not want to spend money on flights and accommodation, and who do not have time to travel
• for entrepreneurs who are interested in highly specialized exhibitions, such as: furniture or leisure goods exhibition, etc. or the largest trade show in China - Canton Fair
• for those who want to keep abreast of current offers from Chinese manufacturers

🔺 What do you get:
• the opportunity to see all the major Chinese manufacturers in your industry, see new products, get contacts
• the possibility of organizing online negotiations with exhibitors of interest
• samples, paper and electronic product catalogs with business cards (we send by express mail or in another way.
Choose a suitable delivery option ⇢
• the opportunity to visit several exhibitions of related topics located nearby
• photo / video materials of interested exhibitors, information about new products
• the ability to exchange your business cards with suppliers
• savings on flights, accommodation and other costs in China
• saving time (organizing a business trip, obtaining a visa, booking hotels and tickets, flight about 10 hours)

🔺 Work order:
⇒ receiving and processing a request. In the TK, you must indicate the name of the exhibition, what kind of product you are interested in looking for, what information about manufacturers you need, requirements for products and suppliers
⇒ we approve the date and place of the exhibition on the topic of interest
⇒ payment of fees for the provision of services
⇒ departure to the exhibition. Our employee visits the exhibition, collects all the necessary materials and information
⇒ providing information on the results of visiting the exhibition

🔺 Cost of remote visits to exhibitions - $ 150 / day + transportation costs

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