9 7/8"IADC637 TCI bit new designed tricone drill bit
9 7/8"IADC637 TCI bit new designed tricone drill bit
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1、Tooth shape includes wedge-shaped tooth(X),wide top tooth(K),spon type tooth(S),conical-ended shape tooth(Y),hemi-spherical ended shape tooth(Y1),gage protection by diamond enhanced cutters on cone(F),flat diamond tooth(P).Different tooth types are selected according to different strata. The strengthening of bits and inserts can effectively reduce the wear of tooth palms,improve the diameter protection performance of drill bits,and prolong the service life of drill bits in abrasive or directional wells or horizontal wells. 2.Our Advantage ----adequate stocks----competitive price----timely delivery----factory direct 3.Packing/Shipping Packing :wooden case or iron case ,also be packaged according to customer requirements. Modes of transportation: by sea, by air or land transportation, Of course, a small amount can also by Express. 4、Company Profile Cangzhou Great Drill Bit Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010, and the company is located in Hejian Development Zone, Hebei Province.We have multiple international advanced CNC machining center production lines with combined turning and milling and multi-axis linkage. Cumulative sales of more than 100,000 drill bits.Main products: PDC bit, tricone bit, coring bit, bi-center bit, Torkbuster , PDC reamer, PDC hole opener, rock reamer, customized cutters.
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9 7/8"IADC637 TCI bit new designed tricone drill bit - 77097

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