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Starting a wholesale trade business from scratch

Practical course

What you will learn from this course
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  • How to build and run a wholesale trade business?
  • How to make a demand analysis
  • How to choose a niche?
  • How to identify growing markets and different areas of business?
  • How and where to find manufacturers/suppliers?
  • How to choose the right supplier? How to check the demand for products without any investment?
  • How to make a simple business plan?
  • How to promote business using Internet resources to attract wholesale buyers without intermediaries?
What you will get by the end of the course
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Business in wholesale with ready promotion system

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First results

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Valuable knowledge and experience in starting a business

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Ready online store already placed on the international marketplace

How the course take place

The course is held in distance learning base. You study the theoretical material step by step and carry out practical tasks. Each step has its own final result. In this case, the next step is available only if you have completed the previous one and achieved the necessary results. Thus, the effectiveness and understanding of the material is achieved.

The entire course you are accompanied by a professional supervisor - the person who helps you to find solutions and checks your assignments.

About the author of the course
Turat Bulembaev Turat Bulembayev

Co-founder of the company. This is an international platform for wholesale trade. To date, this is one of the largest wholesale marketplaces in Russia and the CIS with more than 20 000 companies and visits of tens of thousands wholesalers from different countries of the world. Turat has over 10 years of experience in IT business and international trade.


100% refund if within the first 3 lessons you are not satisfied with knowledge or results.

What's included in the course
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  • Course materials
  • The supervisor's responsibolities
  • Useful links to videos/articles/materials on business and self-development
  • Useful links for suppliers
  • Bonus program

Course Fee 499$