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Wholesale tailoring to order

ID: 970
USD 1000.0 - 10000.0 USD
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DOS clothing brand
The main activity is the wholesale sale of our own clothing collections, as well as mass tailoring to order. We want to prove to the whole world that the Uzbek manufacturer can sew with high quality, following modern trends and be available to customers with any budget.

Our advantages:
- We are a clothing brand with our own clothing production. Working with us you get a high-quality, ready-to-sell product.
- We sew with high quality, we pay attention to each seam. Before sewing, the fabric is laboratory tested for durability and fading.
- Our clothing is more profitable and equivalent to a quality alternative to European manufacturers. Because our labor is cheaper, and thanks to quality control it is not inferior to the European standard.
- When ordering a batch of DOS clothes, you will additionally receive high-quality wide-format photos for social networks, sites and catalogs.
- Also, when ordering our collections, we provide packaging (branded, boutique packages), letters of thanks and everything that accompanies the purchase of a retail client.
- We are flexible in terms of sewing, if you have not found suitable products in the offered assortment, we will be able to sew the product according to your request.
- We are capable of producing up to 40,000 units. products per month.

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