espanol estrella
espanol estrella
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Perfume store dealership, we create a very luxury store concept with various support at home and abroad. The domestic rate of return is 100%. The rental price in the country is 10 thousand Turkish liras and the support depends on the store's sales figures. overseas support $ 10,000 lease support This lease support is deducted directly from the product price at the beginning, then it may borrow $ 10,000 each month depending on in-store sales, it may take 3 months, this support period is determined according to the amount of sales store We assign a team of architects and pay to support the installation of the store, which saves the dealer from installation fees, which average $ 1,000 per square meter for 20 m2, and $ 40,000 to support installation if the store area is 40 m2. In total, we exempt the dealer from renting and opening a store, which the dealer has to pay an average of $ 30,000 to $ 50,000. the store owns 50% of the total value of the average product installation, store installation, and rent. The store's profit margins have not changed; they still sell at 200% profit margins. The above supporting documents are provided in writing with a registered signature.
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