Фабрика детской одежды «Радуга дети»

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The company has existed on the market for more than 15 years, and over the years of its activity, we have earned a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and beautiful children's clothing. Buying from us is cheap. The main direction is the production and sale of wholesale and retail wardrobe items of any sizes for children aged 0 to 12 years. Now Rainbow-Children is a successful and developing enterprise with a well-functioning system of functioning.

  • Children's clothing from the manufacturer, presented in the catalog, is the result of painstaking work of specialists.
  • Full control of manufacturing steps.
  • Favorable pricing policy of the company - only interesting offers to all customers.
  • We are open for cooperation with both wholesale and retail customers.

Features of the acquisition of clothing for children wholesale and retail at the Rainbow-Children store in Moscow

Years of successful activity as a manufacturer and supplier have allowed us to form the values that we continue to this day:

  • Brand products are characterized by high quality materials, durability and practicality.
  • Any item from the range of children's clothing can be purchased wholesale and retail. You can order custom models without buying out the full size range.
  • Along with excellent consumer characteristics, products are pleased with a beautiful design.
  • All products on sale have certificates of conformity.

We work with orders of different volumes. Wholesale conditions apply for orders of more than 5,000 rubles. You can purchase large quantities of goods (from 50 000 rubles) inexpensively, with delivery bonuses and discounts are provided. You will find detailed information on how to order children's clothes cheaply in the corresponding section of the official website or by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 781-16-03.

Our advantages

  • AVAILABILITY. We ourselves are manufacturers of children's clothing, so we set low prices for the entire range.
  • QUALITY. The store’s products are made of safe materials, practical and have a long service life. Full control of production processes and the availability of all necessary documentation (certificates) are the key to high quality goods and child health.
  • STYLE. The design of children's clothing models was developed taking into account the experience and wishes of many parents. The kid will be happy to wear bright and comfortable products of this brand.
  • RICH RANGE. The official website presents children's clothing without sizes. Here you can find things without size ranges for boys and girls from birth to 12 years. Demanding customers from the capital and other cities will surely like the products. Children's clothes and shoes from the manufacturer can be purchased inexpensively, wholesale and retail. Skirts, blouses, dresses, tunics, trousers, jeans, shirts, jackets, hats, as well as much more are presented in the Rainbow Kids catalog.
  • VARIOUS FORMS OF COOPERATION. You can purchase fashionable and high-quality clothes for children from the manufacturer wholesale and retail (without redemption of the full size range). For retail customers, there is a section on the official website where offers for cooperation are formed.

We work with legal entities and individuals.
The minimum amount of a bulk order is 5000 rubles. You can order by piece and in rows (packs).
The quantity in the package can be determined if you open the picture. Next to the photo will be written the size range for this product and next to the wholesale price you will see a menu with numbers that are multiples of the number of pieces in the package.
Payment for goods is made through the bank.
An individual can pay the invoice issued by us at any bank at his discretion.

The "price list" for children's clothing in bulk is presented on the site.

Terms of delivery of goods are described on the page “Delivery”
The buyer chooses the transport company to be sent to another city at his discretion. We ship goods from Moscow. Please specify the amount for delivery from Moscow to your city directly from the transport companies with whom you intend to work. The amount for delivery depends on the distance to the destination and on the volume and weight of the cargo.
For your convenience, links to the websites of some transport companies:
• Zheldorekspeditsiya
• Business Line

Discount system

The following discount systems are valid only on condition of 100% prepayment.
At your request, with a purchase amount of more than 50,000 rubles. we can offer you a discount.
The amount of the purchase of 50,000 rubles. up to 99999 rub. - 3% discount
The amount of the purchase of 100,000 rubles. and up - 6% discount
Personal discounts are negotiated for orders over 150,000 rubles.
When buying a hedgehog for more than 50,000 rubles a month for 3 months or more, the manager can discuss personalized discounts with you.

Order processing and assembly time

We collect orders and issue invoices within 1-2 business days. On weekends and holidays we do not work. Therefore, if you sent the order on Saturday, then you will receive the invoice on Monday-Tuesday. If you do not have an account in the mail, please contact us. We will send you an invoice again. If you do not get in touch and do not pay the bill within 3 business days, then your order will be automatically disbanded.


Dear dear customers! We are always ready to meet you, but we are forced to introduce a rule on back orders. One bulk order can be sent to us with only 1 additional order. Otherwise, if you split the order into several small parts, we will issue you separate invoices at retail prices, since the labor involved in assembling and preparing for shipment is equivalent to retail orders.


After the order is collected, we automatically put it in reserve for 3 business days. The terms of placing the goods in the reserve for ongoing shares are described in the text of the action. If you need to put the goods in reserve for a longer period, then you need to pay within 3 days that part of the goods that are already collected. Without depositing money, we do not reserve goods for a long period.

Purchase returns

For bulk purchases, return and exchange of goods is not provided, with the exception of cases of marriage and re-sorting. In these cases, we accept returns within 14 days after delivery of the goods.

Ordering Rules

These rules are written to make it easier for you to place an order on our website if you are with us for the first time. We have no registration. Therefore, you can immediately put everything in a basket. Putting the goods in the basket is possible Packing and piece. As you want, and in any order. In order to put the package in the basket, you need to select a multiple of the number of goods in the package from the drop-down menu, the desired color and put in the basket. That is, it is 6,12,18, etc. Or other numbers, if the packaging is not a multiple of 6, but a different number. One package is one size range, if it is clothes (sizes in order). The size range is written in the photo, when you open the photo, you can see it. If these are accessories, or goods that do not have size ranges, then there are simply several units of the same product in the package.

With respect to you and your business, the Rainbow-Children team.

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