Organic fertilizers
Organic fertilizers
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IPC method of work Phytohormones strengthen the root system (auxins and cytokinins). It grows and is completely covered with a large number of adventitious roots (kalyux induction from aukin), which are similar in structure to legumes, thus increasing the area of absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus. Second stage: Biological product enters. It consists of phosphate-mobilizing and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. When it enters the soil, bacteria take molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere, convert it into nitrate form and fix it in the root. Forsfor is also accumulated in an accessible form (as you know, it is always present in the soil). Grain processing takes place in two stages. Composition: Nitrogen (N) - 34% Phytohormone Auxin Phytohormone Cytokinin Nitrogen-fixing microorganisms (38 strains) Nurel adhesive (Syngenta) 3 liters of concentrate must be used per treatment. The first processing takes place from the appearance of 2-3 leaves to tillering, the average daily temperature should be up to 3 degrees Celsius. To treat 1 hectare, 200-250 liters of water must be used. The second treatment takes place from the moment the plant starts growing, the average daily temperature should be from 3 degrees Celsius. For the treatment of 1 hectare, 200-250 liters of water must be used. The speed of treatment is carried out at a speed of 8 - 17 km / h (in the case of a self-propelled sprayer up to 25 Km / h). The pressure range in the sprayers is 1.5 - 4 atm. The optimum pressure in the sprayers is 2-2.5 atm. The product is well compatible with Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Macro / Micro elements.
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