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Печенье и кондитерские изделия

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The confectionery factory "Sladkiy Kray" is a large and actively developing Russian enterprise specializing in the production of a wide range of high-quality baked goods, cookies, croissants, muffins and cottage cheese-based products made according to classic and original recipes exclusively from selected natural raw materials.

The success of the brand "Sladky Krai" is predetermined by the careful attitude of the confectioners and technologists of the enterprise to the best traditions of confectionery craftsmanship and the classic recipes loved by all, which have been in stable demand for many years.

The company "Sweet Land" takes a worthy place among the numerous confectionery factories in Russia and is constantly working on the development of the range, as well as improving the taste characteristics of products and improving the quality of customer service.

Confectionery factory "Sladky Krai" offers its customers:

-Wide range of cookies and baked goods
-Quality at the highest level
-Compliance with STO and TU
-Competitive prices
-Delivery to the most remote points of Russia
-Individual approach to each client
-Progressive discount system
-Production of confectionery to order

About G2R
Our company provides export services to Russian companies, the government of the Russian Federation pays for our services, we do not take commissions and do not include the cost of our services in the cost of production. Our company does not buy or sell goods, we act as a link between suppliers from the Russian Federation and buyers around the world. We will help you find a common language and organize negotiations between you and the decision maker in the manufacturing company.

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