pipes, stainless steel pipes, enclosing structures, locks for tubing
pipes, stainless steel pipes, enclosing structures, locks for tubing
pipes, stainless steel pipes, enclosing structures, locks for tubing
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Seamless hot-rolled pipes are manufactured by helical rolling, which, in comparison with many other production methods, makes it possible to obtain a pipe with a dense fine-grained structure, thereby ensuring higher mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics of products. Manufactures: - seamless pipes of general and special purpose made of carbon, alloyed and high-alloyed steels; - seamless pipes made of corrosion-resistant steels for general purposes; -pipes-billets for machining; - seamless pipes made of titanium-based alloys; - seamless pipes made of tool steel; HOT ROLLED STAINLESS STEEL TUBE: The material from which the pipe is made: chromium steels of the martensitic class: 20X13, 30X13 chromium-nickel steels of the austenitic class: 12Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н9Т, 08Х18Н10Т ferritic chromium steels: 08X13, 12X17 The production sites of JSC Vyatka are equipped with the necessary equipment to obtain the required properties of the pipe billet: hot rolling heat treatment mechanical restoration The scope of application of stainless steel pipes is very extensive, since this material, in addition to its high strength, is characterized by low sensitivity to the repetitive effects of various corrosive environments and high temperatures. These steels have proven themselves well in the pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and energy industries, and recently, due to the tightening requirements for the reliability and durability of structures, they are increasingly found in mechanical engineering and construction. METAL STRUCTURES BASED ON QUICK INSTALLATION ELEMENTS Pedestrian railings Lawn fences Limiters of movement Chippers Parking and sidewalk bollards Fence posts Axisymmetric forgings of the "Flange", "Ring", "Hub" types The constant striving forward and the rich scientific potential accumulated over many years of research work in the field of metallurgy and mechanical engineering are the key to success in the implementation of new projects, of which there are a significant number of our specialists. One of the latest achievements is the introduction of technology for producing axisymmetric forgings of the Flange, Ring, and Hub types by the method of end rolling from a hot-rolled pipe billet of our own production. The two technologies, harmoniously complementing each other, allow in a short time to set up the serial production of forgings of any complexity, which in turn provides a significant gain in the cost price and quality of the parts obtained, allowing you to successfully compete in the market, continuously increasing production volumes. Locks for tubing Tubing locks are used in order to increase the service life of technological tubing during underground workovers and workover of wells, due to a more than tenfold increase in the number of trips and eliminating the likelihood of damage to tubing by key and spider rusks.
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