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Air conditioning unit + 7 ° C / + 45 - 50837

ГК Лидер
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Open type high temperature unit without condenser
based on a Bitzer reciprocating compressor

Case design: The frame is a supporting and supporting element of the unit design, made of steel profile, has sufficient rigidity. It is painted with high-quality anticorrosion paint, resistant to climatic environmental factors. Provides the ability to mount the unit to the foundation, as well as vibration mounts and convenient access for maintenance.

Compressors: Semi-hermetic piston compressor Bitzer, charged with refrigerating oil and equipped with a sight glass. The compressor crankcase is equipped with an oil heater. The compressor motor is equipped with integrated overheating protection for the windings. An oil pump is integrated in the compressor, to which an oil pressure switch is connected. The compressor is equipped with shut-off valves and a dual pressure switch on the refrigerant suction and discharge lines.

Control unit: The unit includes an input switch, phase control relay, compressor and fan magnetic starters, an emergency switch, compressor restart restart delay indicators, network and compressor operation indicators, network failure indicators, pressure alarms, automatic high and low protection relays pressure, glycerin pressure gauges of high and low pressure.

Refrigeration circuit: Discharge line - discharge manifold, discharge pipe, non-return valves (on multi-compressor units), shut-off valve; liquid line - a linear receiver with a safety valve and Rotalock valves at the inlet and outlet, a filter drier, a sight glass with a humidity indicator, a shut-off valve; suction line - insulated intake manifold, mechanical filter, shut-off valve.

Oil circuit: Oil separator, oil filter, safety valve, sight glass, differential oil pressure differential switch (if the compressor is equipped with an oil pump).

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