private jet or helicopter rental


Business aviation.

Our company offers business aviation lease services and charter flights for private and corporate jets and helicopters. Our main partners in Moscow: Vnukovo-Z airport and VIP terminal Sheremetyevo “A” are ideal for organizing a charter flight to anywhere in the world.

Group charter.

Renting an airplane to transport company employees, sports teams, fans or tourist groups allows you to plan your own events taking into account your own program, without adapting to the schedule of regular flights of airlines. A group charter allows you to plan your own schedule, choose a departure airport, meals for passengers and much more. Brand the cabin of your own accord. At the airport and during the flight you will be accompanied by a professional manager who will take care of all organizational matters. A group charter with our companies means scheduled departure, separate check-in counters at the airport, passenger luggage will never be lost and no one will ever be late for the plane.

VIP charter.

Renting a VIP charter is an excellent solution for those who value their time and prefer to use only the best. The cabin of a private jet allows you to spend time in flight with pleasure. Plan your route, departure time yourself. During the flight, we will offer you food from your favorite restaurant. Champagne, wine and a bar are at your complete disposal. Private aircraft of the category Jet Jet and Ultra Long have 2 spacious lounges, comfortable seats and a sofa, which allows you to fly over the longest distances in absolute comfort.

Helicopter rental

Helicopter rental in Moscow, Nice, Zurich, Monaco, Chambery, Milan, Courchevel and other cities allow you to travel medium distances as soon as possible. The peculiarity of a helicopter flight is that you can land almost anywhere or choose a site as close as possible to your place of stay. The cost of renting a helicopter starts from 36,000 rubles for Robinson 44/66 per hour flight and can go up to 200,000 - 300,000 rubles per hour flight on Agusta AW 139!

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