Legal Services and Transaction Support.

The range of legal services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs includes: 1. Legal advice on various issues, including commercial matters, tax legislation 2. Registration of legal entities, amendments to the charter documents, support of reorganization procedures, sale of shares 3. Preparation of agreements, contracts, analysis of existing documentation, preparation of conclusions and legal assessment 4. Representation of client's interests in courts of various instances and during inspections, including arbitration arbitration court, state authorities, tax authorities, supervisory services 5. Appealing against actions (inaction) of state authorities and officials 6. Checking of counterparties 7. Supporting the execution of court decisions 8. Carrying out the liquidation of a legal entity 9. Bankruptcy, including according to the simplified scheme 10. CSC and registration of IP for the client: free account opening, from two months free service as a gift, not expensive tariffs from 490 rubles per month. For RKO for IP - 500 rubles. 11. Foreign currency account for the client: loyal conditions and high speed of opening an account. 12. Salary project - everything is free for the client and his employees (issuing cards, servicing, etc.). 13. Trading acquiring - for the client: low interest rate and the ability to use the terminal on a rental basis. 14. Online booking offices. 15, Lending. 16. Other types of legal services The range of legal legal services offered is wide, in particular, it includes: - Providing legal advice on various legal issues, analyzing documents, preparing opinions, making legal assessments, making predictions of the outcome of the case, calculating possible risks and developing solutions to minimize them - Preparation of statements of claim, petitions, complaints, appeals, requests, claims and other legal documents - Representation of citizens' interests in courts during administrative proceedings strategic, civil and criminal cases - Protection of the legal rights and interests of clients in arbitration tribunals - Participation in litigations, preparation of documents, collection and presentation of evidence that may affect the outcome of the case - Representation of legal interests and protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities in cases of dispute situations with public authorities, public associations, counterparties - Obtaining court decisions and representing the interests of the client in the execution of court decisions - Protection of legitimate interests and the rights of individuals and legal entities in tax authorities Legal assistance can be provided at any stage, from the beginning of the procedure for creating a legal entity and during the course of activities.

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