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Procaine can exert local anesthetic activity through multiple targets. Local anesthetics. This product can stabilize the cell membrane and reduce its permeability to ions, so that when the nerve impulse reaches, sodium and potassium ions cannot enter and exit the cell membrane to produce depolarization and action potentials, thereby producing local anesthesia. This product has poor penetrating power to the mucous membrane and is not suitable for surface anesthesia, but it has low toxicity and reliable effect. It is used for infiltration anesthesia. Block anesthesia and epidural anesthesia can also be used. Procaine Base Packaging and Shipping Packing: 20kg/drum, aluminum foil bag or carton 25kg/drum, aluminum foil bag or carton Procaine Base sample order Available for sample order. The quantity is according to the customer’s needs.
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Hebei Guanlang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hong Kong
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