We can supply best quanlity CAS 6285-05-8 4'-Chloropropiophenone
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We can supply best quanlity CAS 6285-05-8 4'-Chloropropiophenone hebei crovell biotech co. ltd   Product Name: 4'-Chloropropiophenone CAS: 6285-05-8 MF: C9H9ClO MW: 168.62 EINECS: 228-511-6   4- Chlorophenylacetone is an important intermediate with structural composition. Mainly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and a key intermediate for synthesizing a new weight-reducing drug rimonabant; It can also be used as fine chemical raw materials to synthesize fine chemical products containing p-chlorobenzene ring structure in molecules, and can also be used as intermediates of other medicines and pesticides.     CAS 6285-05-8 4'-Chloropropiophenone's China factory ----Hebei Crovellbio Co,.LTD build.We our own Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS 136-47-0's factory in China to produce 4'-Chloropropiophenone CAS 6285-05-8 since 2003,we are the biggest 4'-Chloropropiophenone CAS 6285-05-8's supplier in China , we have the new technology to produce the best quality 4'-Chloropropiophenone CAS 6285-05-8  in China , based on our new technology and Excellent technical workers,we become the most professional 4'-Chloropropiophenone CAS 6285-05-8 supplier in China    Other hotselling products   N-Methylformamide cas 123-39-7 NMF   Valerophenone 1-Phenyl-1-pentanone CAS 1009-14-9   4-Methylpropiophenone/P-Methyl Propiophenone CAS 5337-93-9 ETHYLFORMAMIDE CAS 627-45-2  NEF   Acetyl chloride CAS 75-36-5     N,N-Dimethylformamide CAS 68-12-2   AIBN CAS : 78-67-1     Glacial acetic acid CAS: 64-19-7     Benzyl alcohol CAS 100-51-6   Methyl thioglycolate  2365-48-2    Formamide CAS 75-12-7   AZODICARBONAMIDE CAS 123-77-3   Acetylacetone CAS 123-54-6   2'-Hydroxyacetophenone/2-HAP CAS 118-93-4   4-Chloropropiophenone CAS 6285-05-8   4'-Ethylpropiophenone CAS 27465-51-6   Methoxypropiophenone CAS 121-97-1    4'-hydroxypropiophenone CAS 70-70-2    4'-Ethylpropiophenone CAS 27465-51-6   Anisole CAS 100-66-3   HEXANOPHENONE CAS 942-92-7
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We can supply best quanlity CAS 6285-05-8 4'-Chloropropiophenone - 71338

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Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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