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Discover Intellectual Property object, learn evaluation from leading experts and buy a ready solution

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Market description for buyers

Choose an intellectual property product, check the status and purchase a ready object saving time for its creativity, testing and registration.

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Select the offer

You can leave a request for the product type of Intellectual Property you are interested in. Specialists will select and offer you several options according your choice within three days.

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Expert evaluation

Intangible assets with the status "Verified" are studied by experts in the field of intellectual property and you can be sure that such objects are not plagiarized or have an inadequate value.

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Ready solution

You have the opportunity to acquire a ready object of intellectual property and not to waste time on its creativity, testing, registration, etc. A wide range of intangible assets will lead you to immediately start implementing the purchased object in business.


What is a monetization of an intangible asset(IA)?

IA monetization means getting direct financial benefits out of IP, including: ✓ Evaluation and increasing your business value, ✓ Adding value to the brand and business reputation of your company, including using in investment purposes, ✓ Tax payments optimization, ✓ Implementing effective ways of creating passive income out of IP, ✓ Payment of debts through IP.

Do I have to pay for exhibiting an object of intellectual property (IP) at the exchange?

No, Qoovee doesn't charge any commission from your sales. All deals are closed by you and your buyers without intermediaries. But you can use our "Transaction guarantee" service if you want to make a secure transaction on the site. In this case, the platform charges a commission from the transaction for this service.

How will the Exchange help me in protection my logo and business?

Our specialists have great experience. They offer you a protection of intellectual property objects through a copyright mechanism in accordance with current national and international laws. It ensures recognition and protection all around the world (167 countries of the Berne Convention). Now it is possible for businessmen and authors from Russia and the CIS countries to get an intellectual property protection not in 7 to 10 months, but just within 10 days, by registering copyright on their logos, business projects, computer programs, mobile applications, games and. ect

How can the exchange protect my supplier and client base?

The Exchange will help you to find international experts who are able to create and implement the Trade Secret mode at the enterprise, so you will be able to apply penalties (including criminal ones) to employees who unauthorizedly use your client base.

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