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Hedgehog Consulting

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Kazakhstan, Казахстан, СКО, г. Петропавловск, ул. Пушкина 73 офис 5
Property selling, Commercial Property Rent, Land Lease, Car Insurance, Freight Insurance, Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Insurance agency services, Harvesting services, Grain drying and storage, Educational information services, Courses, Trainings, Workshops, Courier services, Loading and unloading, Warehouse services, Transportation Services, Freight Logistics, Customs services, Machinery rental, Marketing services, Item Tailoring & Repair Services, Outsourcing, Consulting services, Legal Services, Conference and Forum Organizing Services, Technical Documentation Development, Website Development Kazakhstan, Казахстан, СКО, г. Петропавловск, ул. Пушкина 73 офис 5

Hello, my name is Eldar, I am the founder of the Hedgehog Consulting company, in the past I worked in government agencies, such as the Public Service Center, Akimat, for more than 10 years, and I know all the subtleties and nuances of solving problematic issues. We will understand in detail the essence of the issue, submit an application remotely on any portals, go through all the instances for the collection and approval of documents, including with banks, stand in queues for you, run around the city. And most importantly, we give a guaranteed result with an indication of the exact terms of execution. After the first consultation, we will provide you with a calculation of the time, action and cost of costs to resolve your issue. We cooperate with companies that are engaged in measurements, paperwork and all the necessary services, so we can choose the most acceptable options for you in terms of quality / price / time.

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