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ИП «Гибин Дмитрий Михайлович»

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LED Displays Russia, Л.Чайкиной/12 новый переулок

During the crisis, many people are saddened, especially the increased electricity tariffs.
But there is a solution! Smart lighting with recharging from solar panels with light and motion sensors saves you money on electricity, and the equipment itself will pay off within a year. You also save on installation and cabling.
We have a wonderful product. We selected several Chinese suppliers who have really good quality products, and the main sales are to the countries of Northern Europe, therefore, in Russian conditions everything works smoothly. We checked.
For entrepreneurs, a great way to earn from just 50,000 rubles on a new, really useful product in Russia. In any direction there is a great demand, for example: private households and cottages, farms, housing and communal services with lighting for parking lots, playgrounds. There is interest among tourists, hunters and fishermen. As well as a huge niche of "one million" - advertising agencies with their coverage of billboards and commercial facilities.
It’s verified when you show our smart lighting “live” to the client - they want to buy it right away! Without any advertising or belief- Wow-effect of the gone.
Nevertheless, we help and value our wholesale customer. We send with the goods, methods of sales of our products. We advise.
We ourselves are pleased to use our products. And you can feel and evaluate the goods by visiting us in Taganrog.

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