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Waterproofing APP bituminous membrane Isogam - 54427

IP "Mizemez Gadam"
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Izogam  is a rolled roofing and waterproofing material (bitumen membrane). It is created by impregnating a base a polymer cloth (polyester) with polymer modified bitumen and then is coated with aluminum foil on the upper side and a plastic film on the lower side.

Izogam is used under the coating in rooms with a wet volume, such as water tanks, pond pools and decorative pools, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc., parking lots, terraces and roofs, balconies, flower beds, garden terraces, concrete grooves, streams and hidden streams, retaining and basement walls, installations for the treatment of wastewater and groundwater under pressure.

Izogam is a flexible and durable material. It is easily applied to various types of surfaces, has high tensile and tensile break strength, is resistant to aggressive influences that may occur in the soil, and is easily applied in building structures such as dilatation, the chimney edge and the roof parapet.

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