conditioner concentrate SYNERGETIC in assortment 750ml/12
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A biodegradable, concentrated, delicately scented cottonseed conditioner balm leaves laundry soft and dries quickly after washing. The product has an antistatic effect, and the complex of vegetable K-surfactants contained in it ensures easy ironing of clothes. Efficiency confirmed in Germany. Thanks to an innovative component in the composition - cellulase - the balm-conditioner helps to preserve the original appearance of the linen, prevents the appearance of pellets and lint, as well as the destruction of the fabric structure, restoring the brightness of colors and the smoothness of the surface of fabrics. Vegetable biolipid reduces the risk of skin irritation and helps to restore its lipid layer. Balm-conditioner is suitable for washing children's clothes 0+ and clothes of people with sensitive skin, removes detergent residues from fabrics. It is hypoallergenic and consists of 99% natural ingredients.
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conditioner concentrate SYNERGETIC in assortment 750ml/12 - 78670

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