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USD 12.0/pcs 12.0
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Children's Clothing, Home Textile, Women's clothing, Men's clothing, İslamic clothing, Textile, Fabrics and Accessories, Shoe care & accessories, Women's footwear, Men's footwear, Children's footwear, Bags Kyrgyzstan, ул. Суерколова 8
Transportation Services, Freight Logistics Kyrgyzstan, ул. Суерколова 8

Men's Women's Shoes, Clothing, Textiles, all from Turkey. Purchase from 1000 $ our services 7% of the purchase. From $ 10,000, the service costs 5% of the purchase. From $ 100,000, the service costs 3% of the purchase. We are ready to cooperate. There is an office in Bishkek.

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