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Triplex plunger pump 2,3 PT 25 D1 - 62584

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Minimum order: 2 pcs

Supply ability: 2 pcs/per month

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Three-plunger crank pumps PT and T are designed for pumping neutral and aggressive liquids, neutral to the materials of the hydraulic part with a kinematic viscosity of no more than 800 mm2 / s (8 St) with a temperature, depending on the version, from 243 K to 473 K (from minus 30 to plus 200 ° С). The permissible content of solid non-abrasive particles in the pumped liquid is not more than 0.2% by mass, the permissible dimensions are not more than 0.2 mm. Three-plunger pumps of the PT and T type are used in industries requiring high pressures, including explosion and fire hazardous ones.

Areas of use:

·                  oil production: drilling and well workover, circumferential waterflooding, enhanced oil recovery, oil dewaxing and well equipment.

·                  chemical and petrochemical industry: production of ammonia, urea, melamine, acetic, nitric and other acids, supply of reagents under high pressure;

·                  mechanical engineering: hydraulic cutting, hydroforming, power equipment for hydraulic presses.

·                  power engineering: feed pumps for boiler plants, steam generators.

·                  food industry: reverse osmosis plants, homogenizers.

·                  utilities: repair and pressure testing of pipelines and hydraulic systems, flushing of the sewage system.

On the basis of pumping units, UN, UPG units are manufactured, which are designed for hydrotreating sewage and other pipelines with a diameter of 80 mm to 600 mm, as well as external and internal surfaces of various technological equipment, mechanisms, buildings, structures and other objects.


Supply - 1.25-3.2 m3 / hour;

Pressure at the outlet of the pump-10 MPa

Execution D1

Weight-355 kg

Check the cost with the manager! Manufacturer's warranty - 1 year!

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