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BX203-7 Automatic Glove Knitting Machine

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The automatic computerized machine is designed for the production of one-piece knitted gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves 37 (S), 42 (M), 46 (L), 52 (L2) sizes. Equipped with

Specifications :

  • Single-phase power supply 220 V
  • Power 250 W
  • Manual lubrication
  • Dimensions (length / width / height): 1 230 < span class = "hps"> x 650 x 1,700 mm
  • < li> Automatic lubrication.
  • Weight 250 kg

Additional options

  1. 1. Thanks to computer control, it is easy to operate and easy to switch to a new type of product.
  2. 2. The self-diagnostic system monitors the load and the state of the nodes. For example, if a needle breaks, the machine will automatically stop and report the breakage.
  3. 3.Y tying device X- thread.
  4. 4.Size changer sizes.
  5. 5.The device for knitting three middle fingers separately from the extreme ones.
  6. 6.U cuff fabrication device.
  7. 7. Possibility of knitting in 6 colors.
  8. 8. Device for knitting on p half finger / Knitting device mittens.
  9. 9.Infrared area sensor security.

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