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Engineering design and services United States of America, Paramus, 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 350
Prefabricated Modular Building, Warehouse, Structure Construction, Engineering and Construction Services , general, Design and Construction Services United States of America, Paramus, 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 350

Koch Modular Process is a design-build company specializing in the modular construction for chemical mass transfer systems. Whether it is the design and construction of distillation equipment & modular process systems, distillation columns and applications, or liquid-liquid extraction equipment, nowhere else in the industry can be found the full breadth of excellence in complete project solutions. Our expertise in multiple engineering disciplines that are required for the design and construction of our modular mass transfer systems include: chemical, mechanical, structural, electrical, and control engineering. We can also provide you with specific engineering services such as equilibrium data development and regression, process feasibility and optimization studies, process simulation and modeling, and process design packages and front end engineering studies. Let our over 25 years of process engineering and modular design experience work to your advantage.

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