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Chemical Process Technologies: Development, Design & Construction

Innovation Partner Companies

When you start with a great chemistry concept, or a unique application of an innovative chemistry, bringing that idea to a full-scale manufacturing reality can feel daunting. Developing technology clients often come to us with the chemistry —— and stay —— for the collaboration.

Developing technology companies need more — more expertise that goes well beyond a scalable process design, more capabilities beyond process design and modular construction expertise, more time and patience to work with these technologies from the very earliest stage, through to construction, a process not provided by larger engineering companies.


From Pilot Plant Data. To Full Scale. To the Bank.

Koch Modular goes well beyond, and has the business and financial acumen to advise clients on what it takes to run a full scale manufacturing plant, not just build one. This takes large project execution experience, deep industry knowledge, and management know-how. It requires a keen understanding of how to staff a two or three year project, and then how to staff the operational manufacturing facility itself. Koch Modular helps developing tech companies develop the pilot plant data for their new, novel concept designs that move into detailed designs, and project execution plans necessary to persuade funding sources to get the money flowing. Our DTC clients ask us to sit down with their prospective funding sources, to help translate how to take chemists’ and engineers’ brilliant concepts to full scale manufacturing reality.


Listen More. Find a Solution.

Our Developing Technology Companies are able to leverage Koch Modular’s team of experts for a technically and financially viable process. These DTC clients form a close relationship with our Koch Modular team members who are able to delve in deep and help DTC companies understand how to achieve a fully functional manufacturing facility that can be reliably funded, and is viable for years out into the future.

The Koch Modular advantage doesn’t stop with truly listening to the needs of our clients. We know what it takes to run a full-scale manufacturing plant, not just build one. Our modular construction approach empowers our clients to make critical decisions intelligently and efficiently, with a high level of trust that the process will perform as expected. Koch Modular provides a unique blend of single-source capabilities with a true step-change in process, product and project delivery for the chemical process industry.

Our Experience. Your Growth.

Let Koch Modular’s over 25 years of process engineering and modular design experience work to your advantage.

Developing Technology Companies rely upon our capabilities in the following areas:

  • Process Development: Collaborative development of overall process material balances and selection of optimal unit operations. Development of OPEX and CAPEX models.
  • Pilot Testing: Equilibrium data development. Proof of concept distillation, extraction and reaction testing.
  • Process Design: Process Flow Diagrams, P&ID’s, Equipment Design and Equipment/Plant General Arrangement.
  • Detailed Engineering: Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil-Structural, Instrumentation and Controls.
  • Modular System Construction: Single source, lump sum fixed price supply of complete process plants. Designed and constructed off-site in a controlled environment. Performance and Mechanical Warranties.
  • Startup Support: Training, startup, optimization and debottlenecking support.

How Koch Modular can benefit you:

Technology Enhancement

Whether through pilot testing at our Houston, Texas facility or through collaborative engineering efforts, Koch Modular provides process improvements in the areas of energy efficiency, product purity, management of impurity buildup, system capacity, up-time, maintainability and overall system’s integration.

Time to Market

Time to market is a critical parameter to developing technologies. Through sound engineering and the schedule compression benefits of modular construction, we can accelerate our customer’s time to market.

Resource Utilization

Often times a developing technology company is resource limited. Koch Modular’s ability to be a single source provider of a turn-key packaged system (plant), allows our customers to free their resources to work on other essential tasks including securing investment, market development, site planning, permitting, raw material sourcing, etc.


Markets we serve:

  • Biomass to Chemicals – fermentation and reaction based processes; major unit operations including reaction, distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, solids handling, compression, filtration and drying.
  • Biomass to Fuels – including bio-alcohols and Biodiesel
  • CO2 Recovery
  • Natural Gas to Liquids
  • Electronic Specialty Gases
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