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Liquid fuel and gas boilers KVa are smooth-tube, the movement of the coolant takes place in a welded pipe system consisting of collectors and pipes of furnace and convective panels welded into them. Fuel entering through the burner device burns in the boiler combustion chamber, hot gases wash the tube surface of the combustion chamber, then enter the convective packets and through the flue duct are thrown into the chimney. The KVa boiler unit is installed on a frame with supports and has a frame with heat-insulating materials, sheathed with steel sheet. An explosion valve is installed in the rear screen of the furnace, which protects the boiler structure from destruction in the event of excessive pressure in the furnace. The burner is mounted in the front part of the combustion chamber. The front plate is fixed to the boiler with hinges and acts as a hatch, which allows access to the boiler combustion chamber for inspection and repair work without disassembling the front lining and insulation. The operation of the KVa hot water boiler is carried out with various models of burners that supply fuel to the combustion chamber, where it is burned and the coolant is heated. The block burner burns fuel, changes the combustion mode, maintains the water temperature in the boiler circuit up to 115 ° C. The temperature range of the water in the boiler circuit is set on the control panel. When the extreme values ​​are reached, the burner is switched on and off automatically. This mode ensures reliable and economical operation of the boiler. Technical characteristics of 0.4 MW KVA boilers Indicator name KVa 0.4 boiler Power of a hot water boiler, MW (Gcal / h) 0.4 (0.34) Fuel < / td> Gas Fuel oil Diesel Net calorific value, kcal / h 8120 9260 10200 Boiler efficiency, not less,% 91 85 91 Fuel consumption, nm3 / h (kg / h) 46 4337 Flue gas temperature, no more, ° С 200 220 220 Range of working regulation,% 40-100 Water consumption, m3 / h 14 Working water pressure, MPa (kgf / cm) 2 0.3-0.6 (3-6) Hydraulic resistance of the boiler, no more, MPa (kgf / cm) 2 0.07 (0.7) Water temperature, ° С 70-95 (90-115) Combustion chamber depth, mm 1710 Equivalent diameter, mm 700 Length, mm 2500 Width, mm 1200 Height, mm 1900 < / table>
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