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Solid fuel steam generator 500 kg

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Solid fuel steam generator 500 kg

The industrial solid fuel steam generator is designed to generate high pressure steam 0.3 - 0.8 MPa (up to 8.0 kgf / cm2) and temperatures up to 170 ° C. Brand - boiler E 0.5-0.9 R.

If you need low pressure steam according to the technology, the Boiler Plant produces a solid fuel steam boiler KV 500 with a pressure of up to 0.07 MPa and a temperature of up to 115 ° C .

Technical characteristics of a solid fuel steam generator 500 kg

Name Solid fuel steam generator 500 kg
Brand Steam boiler E 0.5 -0.9 Р
Power of a solid fuel steam generator, MW (Gcal / h) 0.37 (0.32)
Power, kW 370
Steam capacity, kg / h 500
Working medium pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2) 0.8 (0.8)
Temperature steam, no more, ° C 170
Fuel type Coal
Lower heat of combustion of fuel, kcal / kg 5230
Fuel consumption, kg / h 45.3
Consumption fuel, kg / h 97.8
Exhaust gas temperature, ºС 180
Range of regulation of heat output,% 40-100
Efficiency of a solid fuel steam generator, not less,% 81
Boiler block dimensions, without chimney and burner
Length, mm 3310
Width, mm 2290
Height, mm 2350
Mass of solid fuel steam generator, kg 2900
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