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Изготовления офисных мебели, мягкой мебели, кухонной мебели. Услуги по офисному мебели, фасад кухонной мебели и мягкой мебели. В первые в Узбекистане, мебель из эпоксидной смолы офисной, кухонный а также для гостиной. Гарантируем за качество работы. Оплата ПЕРЕЧИСЛЕНИЕ и наличные. +998909220034. Цена при заказе.
Контекс Мебель
Краснодар, Russia
USD 50.82/pcs 50.82
Frame material: beech wood: Walnut, Italian walnut, wenge Height / width / depth: 880 * 535 * 550 Sturdy, stable chair with a padded seat and wooden back Optimal in terms of price-quality-design
Контекс Мебель
Краснодар, Russia
USD 58.17 - 60.85/pcs
- Convenient, bar plastic chair on a metal frame; - Suitable for home, loggia, garden, as well as for cafes, bars and restaurants; - Optimal in terms of price / design / quality; - Reliable and easy to clean; - The seat is made of polypropylene; - Product size, mm: 625x600x1200
USD 10.65/pcs 10.65
USD 26.75 - 133.73/pcs
chest of drawers
USD 40.12 - 200.59/pcs
living room
USD 584.26/pcs 584.26
Кухня с фасадами МДФ, ламинированными пленкой ПВХ. Верхние секции сделаны распашными, в нижней части располагаются четыре выкатных ящика, секция под встраиваемую технику и секция для мойки.Материалы: ФасадОрех Кантри Корпус Ясень Темный Столешница Сахара Стеклонет МойкаGF S605 Рисунок фасада Кальвадос Тип петель Простые РучкиRS 002 Тип ящиков ПВШ Карнизнет Подсветканет
USD 71.14/pcs 71.14
Dressing table ID 01.203, has the following dimensions G526xSH1010xV707mm. The body of the dressing table is made of laminated chipboard, emission class E-1, the facades are made of MDF. The dressing table is decorated with classic bronze handles with a porcelain insert. In the dressing table drawers on roller guides. Color: Milky Oak Volume: 0.06 m3 Weight: 32.52 kg Height: 707 mm Width: 1010 mm Depth: 526 mm
USD 398.4/pcs 398.4
Color: Santana oak dark, light Volume : 0.46 m3 Weight: 202.00 kg < / p> Height: 2245 mm Width: 1732 mm Depth: 633 mm
USD 171.64/pcs 171.64
Color: Sonoma Oak Volume: 0.24 m3 Weight: 128.00 kg Height: 2275 mm Width: 920 mm Depth: 920 mm
USD 47.39/pcs 47.39
The footwear standThe footwear standThe footwear stand Color: Wenge - Milky Oak < p> Volume: 0.042 m3 Weight: 26.00 kg Height: 495 mm Width: 700 mm Depth: 364 mm < a href = "" class = "put_in_basket" data-price = "3544" data-name = "Shoe cabinet">
USD 150.67/pcs 150.67
Wardrobe 2 doors ID 01.380 from the collection of modular furniture for the hallway "Prestige", has the following overall dimensions: G470xW950xV2140 mm. The cabinet body is made of laminated chipboard, the facade is made of MDF. Wardrobe 2 doors ID 01.380 is made in the color Donskoy Walnut. The wardrobe is equipped with two hinged doors, hinges with door closers, inside the wardrobe there is a hat shelf and a transverse bar. Color: Donskoy Walnut Volume: 0.14 m3 Weight: 79.00 kg < / span> Height: 2140 mm Width: < span class = "value"> 950 mm Depth: 470 mm
USD 105.91/pcs 105.91
Color: white frame, Don walnut Volume : 0.1 m3 Weight: 73.00 kg < / p> Height: 2064 mm Width: 648 mm Depth: 472 mm
USD 155.53/pcs 155.53
Color: Light Santana Oak, Dark Santana Oak Volume: 0.12 m3 Weight: 70.00 kg Height: 2140 mm Width: 1000 mm Depth: 380 mm
USD 66.73/pcs 66.73
Sliding wardrobe is one of the most common convenient and functional storage options. Modern facades with dividers add elegance and versatility to this model, which will emphasize the individuality of each interior. Chipboard: 10 mm and 16 mm PVC edge: 2.0 mm and 0.4 mm Colors: Milk Oak / Dark Wenge
USD 102.7/pcs 102.7
The convenient drawer of this elegant dressing table is decorated not only with stylish handles, but also with the original design "Leather", which looks amazingly impressive against the background of the texture of light oak wood and the respectable dark shade of "Wenge Tsavo". The harmony of the set is based on the combination of the main color of the table with the wide frame of the wall mirror panel.
USD 213.83/pcs 213.83
The "Amelie" bed is compact, but on occasion it can be used not only as a single bed, but also as a double bed. The white color of the bed is accentuated by a leather backrest. The high padded backrest enhances the comfort factor, now it is one of the global trends. The impeccable quality inherent in all the products of the TriYa factory provides this product with high consumer demand. The bed is also characterized by strength and stability, ease of care.
USD 253.95/pcs 253.95
Effectiveness of the attractive design of this model lies in the contrasting shades of the dark soft headboard and light elements of the body, which are made of textured material "Belfort Oak". The easy-to-use and reliable lifting mechanism will allow you to store bedding and other necessary things under the bed. By choosing a set of furniture from the same modular series, you can create a set that is optimal for your bedroom.

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