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Honey in bulk on Qoovee

USD 20.0/pcs 20.0
We sell beaten bee honey. To all corners of the country. Very good and natural honey I am of your health. We are happy to make a good deal with you. The quantity is limited.
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For mutually beneficial cooperation, AGROFORT LLC offers the supply of Agricultural products: Herbs honey Price: on request Packaging: on request Russia In our work we focus on honest, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation and therefore we take into account the wishes of our partners. Manager Alexander
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USD 1.2/pcs 1.2
Walnut Jam. Available under the trademark "CHEERABBA" Ingredients: 1. walnut 2. water 3. citric acid 4. sugar 5. dried cloves. This product does not contain dyes, flavors or preservatives. Walnut jam is a good natural multivitamin supplement, a tasty medicine and an exquisite delicacy, so moderate use of properly cooked goodies will benefit the body.

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