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USD 427.93/pcs 427.93
Hello, complete price list DESIGN AND DISPLAY How to create a highly intelligent device, the body and display of which form a single whole? Apple raised this question to itself during the development of the very first iPhone. With the iPhone X, it was solved again. The all-new 5.8-inch Super Retina display that sits comfortably in your hand and looks amazing is iPhone X. The display and elegantly rounded corners are integrated even better - thanks to several unique technologies. The innovative OLED panel fills the screen to the brim with chip tiers and a new approach to controller layout. Pixels in the corners of the display are anti-aliased at the sub-pixel level, so the edges are smooth and smooth. OLED FOR IPHONE X This is the first OLED display to meet the iPhone's highest standards: incredibly vivid colors are displayed with astonishing accuracy, blacks look natural, and contrast ratios up to 1,000,000: 1. UNRIVALED COLOR ACCURACY The Super Retina HD display uses advanced color management — better than any previous iPhone. Therefore, content in any color format (P3, sRGB) is automatically displayed on the iPhone X display correctly, and you see exactly the color that was intended by the director or designer. TRUE TONE True Tone technology uses a six-channel ambient light sensor to fine-tune the on-screen white balance to match the color temperature of the lighting. The display looks as if it were printed on paper - natural and comfortable for the eyes. HDR The iPhone X display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). Now you can watch movies, TV programs and series in Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. Your HDR photos will look even better on screen. Plus, you'll be able to watch HDR content from iTunes, Netflix, and more. NEW CASE iPhone X has an all-glass front and back. This durable glass has never been seen on any Apple device: its reinforcing layer is 50% thicker. The color is applied to the panel in seven layers - this allows you to achieve the desired density and the correct shade, and thanks to the reflective optical layer, the color looks even richer. Plus, the oleophobic coating makes it easy to get rid of smudges and fingerprints. WIRELESS CHARGING Apple has always wanted to make the iPhone fully wireless, even when it needs to be charged or connected to headphones. The iPhone X with a glass back and wireless charging comes close to that ideal - ready for a wireless future. SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL The steel frame around the iPhone X case reinforces its structure. For her, Apple has developed a special stainless steel alloy - cleaner, stronger and more beautiful. And the space gray model uses a vacuum deposition process to match the color of the frame to the glass on the back. IPhone X is designed down to the last detail to keep it water, splash and dust resistant.
USD 275.48/pcs 275.48
Hello, Full Price List The iPhone 7 Plus has significantly improved all important aspects of the iPhone. This is a fundamentally new camera system for photography and video filming. The most powerful and economical battery. Stereo speakers with rich sound. The brightest and most colorful iPhone display ever. Splash and water resistant. And its external data are impressive no less than the internal capabilities. All this is iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus has been completely redesigned to be the first water-resistant iPhone. Now you are much better protected from moisture, splashes and even dust. The iPhone 7 Plus doesn't just have a brand new camera - it has two. The same 12MP wide-angle camera as the iPhone 7 is paired with a second camera with a 12MP telephoto lens. Now you can shoot larger shots and use excellent zoom quality when the subject is far away. And with a new depth of field effect, portraits are even more expressive. As a result, great photographic prospects open up before you. With the dual camera and revolutionary ISP technology on iPhone 7 Plus, you can now capture stunningly sharp 2x zoom close-ups for photos and videos. Improved digital zoom allows you to enlarge the image pr __________ Briefly from the product: smartphone with iOS 10 screen 5.5 ", resolution 1920x1080 dual camera 12/12 MP, autofocus, F / 1.8 memory 32 GB, no slot for memory cards 3G, 4G LTE, LTE- A, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, GLONASS Battery capacity 2900 mAh, Processor: Apple A10 Fusion 2370Mhz
USD 173.85/pcs 173.85
Hello, Full Price List The iPhone 7 has been completely redesigned to be the first water-resistant iPhone. Now you are much better protected from moisture, splashes and even dust. The iPhone 7 Home button is an innovative touch control with amazing responsiveness and pressure sensitivity. The new Taptic Engine delivers precise tactile feedback, and you can even customize it. All in all, make yourself at home. Touch ID uses an advanced fingerprint identification sensor that makes it easy and secure to lock and unlock your iPhone. The iPhone is the world's most popular camera. Now this famous camera has new possibilities. The optical image stabilization system on iPhone 7 reduces motion blur associated with the movement of objects and the phone itself. The four powerful True Tone Quad-LED Flash LEDs are 50% brighter than iPhone 6s. The flash automatically adjusts to the color temperature of the environment for crisp, well-lit images. Retina HD display with wide color gamut delivers cinematic colors. More spectrum shades are used for each image, so everything looks truly realistic on the screen. 3D Touch on iPhone provides a tactile response, so you not only see the result of your actions, but also feel the intensity of each press. With the new Retina HD display on iPhone 7, 3D Touch is available anywhere on iOS. ________ Briefly about the product: smartphone with iOS 11 screen 4.7 ", resolution 1334x750 camera 12 MP, autofocus, F / 1.8 memory 32 GB, without slot for memory cards 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, GLONASS RAM 2 GB battery 1960 mAh Processor A10 Fusion + M10, 23400 MHz
USD 173.85/pcs 173.85
Hello, full price list for Apple iPhone 7 32GB RFB (PRODUCT) RED ™ Special Edition (RED). The original, official smartphone for the Russian market. Sealed in original packaging. The low price is due to the fact that the devices are replaced by Apple and have a limited warranty (residual warranty). For 10 years, Apple has supported the (RED) project and its HIV and AIDS programs. Through the sale of (RED) products, the company has raised over $ 130 million. And today Apple introduces the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED ™ Special Edition. Each (RED) purchase is another step towards an AIDS-free generation. The iPhone 7 has greatly improved all the important aspects of the iPhone. This is a fundamentally new system of cameras for photography and video filming. The most powerful and economical iPhone battery ever. Stereo speakers with rich sound. bright and colorful from all iPhone displays. Splash and water resistant.1 And its exterior is as impressive as its interior. All this iPhone 7 With the new smartphone, you can use wireless headphones - for example, the brand new AirPods. Included with the iPhone 7 will be a new model of EarPods, which plug directly into the Lightning smartphone's charging port. Apparently, Apple follows the same “one plug” logic as it did with the MacBook and one USB-C port. In addition, you can use wireless headphones with the new smartphone - for example, the brand new AirPods or the announced Powerbeats3 and Beats Solo3 models. Dropping the headphone jack, Apple has equipped the smartphone with stereo speakers on either side of the screen. Those who often watch videos or play games on the iPhone without headphones will be able to appreciate this innovation. Light, camera, motor. The camera of the new iPhone 7 deserves special attention. Built-in updated 12MP wide-angle camera with OIS, extended aperture and 6-element lens. The True Tone flash is brighter than the iPhone 6s and is better able to smooth out glare in photos. The camera of the new iPhone 7 deserves special attention: it has an updated 12MP wide-angle camera with OIS. Selfie lovers were also not ignored. The front-facing FaceTime HD camera has been improved from 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels. Apple also promises extended color rendering and automatic image stabilization. The quality of photos from the new cameras will allow you to appreciate the updated Retina HD display. Faster and longer. The announced performance of smartphones is almost twice as fast as last year's iPhones thanks to the new quad-core processor A10 Fusion. The manufacturer also promised three times faster graphics processing with half the power consumption. Smartphones are expected to last longer on a single charge than their predecessors. However, these indicators are still difficult to assess - this will require tests of real devices.
USD 113.67/pcs 113.67
Hello, What's app, Telegram (INSTAGRAM) full price list
Санкт-Петербург, Russia
USD 37.44 - 1337.28/pcs
iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X/Xs/Xs Max/Xr Цены от 2800 По актуальным ценникам звоните для получения актуальных прайсов
USD 30000.0 - 1000000.0/pcs
Москва, Russia
USD 2.67/pcs 2.67
Книжки Fashion Case с магнитом и кожаной текстурой. Цвета: черный, золотой, красный, серый Модели: Apple iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6 plus Apple iPhone 7/8 Apple iPhone 7 plus/8 plus Apple iPhone X Asus Max 3 Asus Max 4 Asus ZB452KL Asus ZB500KL Asus ZB501KL Asus ZB550KL Asus ZB551KL Asus ZC500TG Asus ZC520TL Asus ZC550KL Asus ZE552KL Asus ZE553KL One Plus One Plus 3 One Plus One Plus 5 One Plus One Plus 5T One Plus One Plus 6 OPPO F5 OPPO F5 Youth OPPO F7 HTC U11 Huawei Y3 (2017) Huawei Y5 (2017) Huawei Y6 pro Huawei Y9 (2018) Huawei 6A Huawei 6C Huawei 6C pro Huawei 7C Huawei 7X Huawei Honor 10 Huawei Honor 10 lite Huawei Honor 6A Huawei Honor 8 Huawei Honor 9 Huawei Honor 9 lite Huawei Honor magic Huawei Honor V10 Huawei Mate 10 Huawei Mate 10 pro Huawei Mate 9 Huawei Nova 2 Huawei Nova 2S Huawei Nova 2 plus Huawei Nova 2i / Mate 10 lite Huawei Nova lite (2017) Huawei P smart Huawei P10 Huawei P10 lite Huawei P20 Huawei P20 lite Huawei P20 plus Huawei P20 pro / P20 Plus Huawei P8 lite Huawei P9 Huawei P9 lite Huawei Y3 (2017) Huawei Y5 (2017) Huawei Y6 (2018) Huawei Y9 (2018) Samsung 8552 Samsung 9082 Samsung A3 Samsung A310 (2016) Samsung A320 (2017) Samsung A510 (2016) Samsung A5 Samsung A520 (2017) Samsung A6 (2018) Samsung A6 Plus (2018)/ J8 (2018) Samsung A710 (2016) Samsung A720 (2017) Samsung A8 (2018) Samsung A8 plus (2018) Samsung C5 Samsung C7 Samsung G530 Samsung J1 -(2016) Samsung J2 prime Samsung J2 pro Samsung J3 -(2016) Samsung J3 (2017) Samsung J4 -(2018) Samsung J5 -(2016) Samsung J5 (2017) Samsung J5 prime Samsung J6-(2018) Samsung J7 -(2016) Samsung J7 (2017) Samsung J7 neo Samsung J8 (2018) /A6 plus (2018) Samsung Note 3 Samsung Note 4 Samsung Note 5 Samsung Note 8 Samsung S4 Samsung S5 Samsung S6 Samsung S6 edge Samsung S7 Samsung S7 edge Samsung S8 Samsung S8 plus Samsung S9 Samsung S9 plus SONY XA SONY C6 XA ultra SONY L1 SONY XZ SONY XZ 2 SONY XZ premium SONY XA1 LG Q6 LG Q8 LG G4 LG G5 LG G6 LG K7 LG K8 LG K4 (2017) LG K8 (2017) LG K10 (2017) LG X power 2 LG V30 Miezu Meizu 15 Miezu Meizu 15 lite Miezu Meizu 15 plus Miezu E2 Miezu M3 note Miezu M3S Miezu M5 Miezu M5 note Miezu M5C Miezu M5S Miezu M6 Miezu M6 note Miezu Mi 8 Miezu PRO 6 Miezu PRO 7 Miezu PRO 7 plus Miezu U10 Miezu U20 Nokia 1 Nokia 2 Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Nokia 7 Nokia 7 Plus Nokia 8 Nokia 9 Xiaomi Mi 4 Xiaomi Mi 5C Xiaomi Mi 5S Xiaomi Mi 5X/ Mi A1 Xiaomi Mi 5 plus Xiaomi Mi 6 Xiaomi Mi 6X / Mi A2 Xiaomi mi Note 2 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Xiaomi Note 5A Xiaomi Note 5A prime Xiaomi Red mi 3 pro Xiaomi Red mi 3s Xiaomi Red mi 4 pro Xiaomi Red Mi 5 Xiaomi Red mi 5A Xiaomi Red Mi 5A Xiaomi Red mi A1/ Mi 5X Xiaomi Red mi A2/ Mi 6X Xiaomi Red mi Note 3 Xiaomi Red mi note 3 (2017) Xiaomi Red mi Note 4 Xiaomi Red mi Note 5A Xiaomi Red mi Note 5 Pro/ Mi 6X Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime Xiaomi Redmi 4A Xiaomi Redmi 4X Xiaomi Redmi note 4X ZTE V8 ZTE V8 lite
Steve jobs accessories
Воронеж, Russia
USD 976.21/pcs 976.21
The iPhone X is Apple's flagship smartphone that was launched to mark the anniversary of the original iPhone 2G. iPhone X features a glass body, a near bezel-less OLED Super Retina HD display, TrueDepth front camera system, ultra-precise Face ID facial scanning, support for fast and wireless charging, and a dual L battery.

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